Islands of Yhb

Session 4 - The Pretender
Excerpt From Carter Flynn's Log

• LePaul on watch. Spotted a patrol coming our way. Better to sneak out than risk getting noticed.
• Found Apothecary. Dwarf is dead – corpse is covered in glowing blisters. Unfortunately, the body is covering a trap door. Rickfire moved the body and filled some vials with the glowing blister puss…sick bastard. The old man found the “Revealing Potion” mentioned in the journal scraps
• Found the main entrance to the Archives. 2 dead guards. Couldn’t pick the lock, too sturdy. Rickfire found a side way in. Somebody set off a trap – spikes up from the floor. Found the trigger and took care of it.
• What is this, a maze? Dead end hallways, vertical shafts, traps… Probably an escape route.
• The archer is a damn good shot. Hit a little latch to lower a ladder – after the old man thought he could wave his hands and make the lader come down. Crazy old goat.
• Must be an escape route…more hidden doors. Almost lost Rickfire and Scipio to an arrow trap. Can’t wait to get out of here.
• Finally made it inside. Meklan is all wet in the pants looking for “Golden Age” and pirate stories. He did dug up some useful information though:
o About these dwarves:
 Used to live on the surface
 Elves forced them underground
 Lived as nomads for years
 Settled here
 Sealed the vault about 3000 years ago
 Used to incinerate artifacts is the volcano. What a waste.
o Mordkai is a ghost. Nobody’d heard of him til a year ago. Showed up, got power, became King’s advisor. Guy had a plan. Sounds like a coup in the making.
• Found blueprints to this place. Looks like there’s a way out if we head towards the Temple. Prabably loot to be had if we go towards the Palace. If this is a coup, might be that nobody would notice something missing form the coffers…and I do need a new ship. Nah, too many gaurds at the palace and I just want to get out of here. This stale air is getting to me.
• Tussled with more of the rabid dwarves. These ones were being driven like a pack of dogs. Took ‘em out easily enough.
• Made it to the temple. Couldn’t see the altar…somehow it was completely black. How is that?
o A dwarf in a robe had the King & Queen on chains…must be Mordekai. Got surrounded by archers…wasn’t looking good until Meklan doused the guy with the Revealing Potion. Turns out he’s human! Everybody was confused. Took advantage of the situation and managed to turn the archers on Mordekai. Chaos is a wonderful ally!
o Rickfire pulled out one of the vials of green-goo and held it in the air. Scipio shot it out of his hand and splashed it all over Mordekai. Glad I didn’t touch the alchemist’s body. Scipio is a hell of a shot!
• Mordekai ran. Must not have liked corpse puss in his face! We beat him to the throne room using the secret tunnels. Glad we found those blueprints!
• Got the drop on Mordekai. Took care of that problem. Guy looks just like Meklan…spitting image. Kinda creepy.
• Mordekai has a tatto: “IV”. No idea what that means. Also had a candle shaped like a hand in a shackle, engraved with “Shedartha the Shifty”
• Guards showed us the door. Probably would have killed us if we hadn’t just put down Mordkai for them. They left us in another dead end chamber. Better not be any more traps. At least we’re close to the surface…the air isn’t quite as stale here.
• Found another hidden door. I should commission a dwarf to make my next ship. These guys are skilled at making concealed compartments. I wonder if they work wood as wellas they do stone…
• Hallway ended in brick. Definitely not Dwarven…terrible craftsmanship. Could see right through the wall between the bricks. Good thing, too – could see banners with that same “eye” insignia that we found carved in the floor under Sebastian’s body…the symbol of the cult that Meklan told us about. “Weeping Hollow”, I think it was. Brain-eating bug worshipers. Rickfire’s got a plan.
• I can’t believe that worked! The crazy bastard set himself on fire, then crashed through the wall screaming “DRAGON!!!!!” and ran for the door. With on his heels, selling the farce, the cultists bought it and ran out with us! That was the funniest thing since Chewy got tossed in brig after…I shouldn’t put that it writing. But it was funny.
• Got out of the cultists’ cave and snuck off in the confusion. Recouping in the same cave that Rickfire caved in on us to begin with. I hate caves. Meklan is on his way to sneak back into the cultists’ stronghold to try to…damn…

Session 3 - The Vault
As recorded by Meklan Brightwater

We set out to explore the distillery. Fumbling around in the dark, we came upon a vertical shaft with
a built in ladder. Our path forked, up or down. The sailor [Carter] seems to be slightly paranoid being
underground, and wants to get to the surface no matter what. The dwarfs take the lead, and head up,
eventually leading us to a platform with several empty kegs and a door. Sort of a back/stock room of
sorts. Perhaps this is a tavern that brewed its own ale? Less-than-gracefully, we break through the door
and we find ourselves in a large open area. Taking some steps forward, we realize this is actually a large
stadium… A gladiator’s stadium. In the center we can see several small figures hunched over lump of
dark mass. Getting a closer look, the hunched figures were actually cannibalistic dwarfs. And they were
eating bodies. And they did not like our sun rod.

They pour out of the darkness, but we manage to easily defend ourselves. It’s apparent our experiences
are starting to come together, and we tackle these bouts with a slight synergistic touch. Poking around
the remains, we discover a ragged piece of paper. A journal entry of sorts.
“A strange disease has taken hold of the vault. Fever sweeps through the Low Quarter, striking young
and old alike. The constant screams and rantings of the afflicted echo through the streets, making sleep
Our future is looking bright…

We head out of the coliseum, and find ourselves in a rundown neighborhood lacking any screams and
rantings. Pyro-dwarf recognizes the architecture, and informs us this is actually a Dwarven vault. A
slight orange glow in the distance casts a soft glow about the place. The houses look rundown, and
abandoned. This is so interesting! We are actually exploring a vault! Who would have ever thought
about surface folk inside one of these? We must explore! With everything seeming to be empty, a couple
of us want to take a peek inside the houses. After choosing a candidate, we let ourselves in. The place
is in ruin. It is almost as if a fight occurred here. A stairwell heads up to the second floor. Carter seems
to be rather light-footed, so we designate him to be the investigator. As he makes his way up the stairs,
he motions to us that something is up there. Something is sitting in a rocking chair. And this something
notices Carter. It lunges, sinking its teeth into his leg. After frying it, we realize this is another one of
those diseased cannibals, albeit an older looking one though, if that’s possible. She attacks the sailor.
Among the mess, we discover another tattered piece of paper.
“I found the blacksmith’s entire family murdered this morning. I was on my morning rounds, distributing
potions to the sick when I came across their front door lying in the middle of the street, torn from its
hinges. The scene inside was utter carnage. Blood covered the walls and ceilings, bodies were strewn
across the floor. It looked as if they were attacked by wild animals. The blacksmith himself is still
nowhere to be found."

Well this is certainly disturbing. Not too much further down the road do we the house of the blacksmith.
Or, what was the house. The sight inside is mortifying. Finding the place empty, we dig around a little bit
and encounter what must be the blacksmith’s remains locked in the basement. We do find a nice set of
chain mail though… and a third journal entry.

“The sick have begun to go mad. They rove the streets in packs, attacking anyone who comes near. The
king’s new adviser, Mordecai, has instituted a quarantine on the entire district. The only remaining
route into the Royal Quarter is over the Forge, but everyone who attempts to cross is gunned down by

Mordecai’s crossbowmen."

Perhaps there are survivors after all! Maybe we can learn the source of this disease and what happened
here. Perhaps we can lend some assistance, although I’m not so sure how any survivors will take two
exiles in their mists. Following the road, the scenery changes. This is clearly a more affluent area of town.
We take to the rooftops to gain a better vantage point of the area. Another body lies in a heap near a
small fire, no doubt a failed attempt to evade the roving cannibals. A fourth tattered page is found.
“Rumor has it the royal family has taken ill. Mordecai’s men are the only ones untouched by this plague.
I suspect he is using the disease as a means to seize power. Some of the bastards have taken to leading
our brothers through the streets on chains, setting them loose on people trying to escape."

Wow. The mystery deepens! Although, this Mordecai fellow must not be too bright. Seizing power of a
vault with few living inhabitants? That seems pointless.

Staying on the roofs, and find the source of the light that is permeating the cavern. A volcano lies at
the base of a crevasse. A stone bridge crosses the gap. Some of our party members are able to see that
far, and tell us there are controlled fires on the other side. These must be Mordecai’s men. Pyro-dwarf
fills us in that apparently vault dwarves are very hostile to other races, and looking back at the journal
pages to the journal pages, they certainly do not want to make friends. He also mentions there could
be a Dwarven archive on the far side. But getting there will be a challenge, as will be getting in it. These
archives are bastions of knowledge. Everything that this dwarven vault knows.

There are side paths on each side of the caldera. Heading towards one of them, stone monuments in
the town circle start to light up. Sounds of the “townsfolk” starting to stir fill the air. A few guards also
pick up on the sight of these stones aglow, and descend upon us as well. Pyro-dwarf bull rushed one of
the guards, and sent him to a fiery death. Battle ensues, and we discover that the lighted stones are a
beacon to the cannibals. Smashing the stones brings an end to the waves of infected. The battle is long-
fought however, and a sense of weariness grows. Backtracking a little bit to clear away from the bridge/
circle, we find a suitable house that seems defensible. Eradicating a couple infected that reside inside, we
find another piece of the puzzle.

“I broke into the archives on a hunch today, no small accomplishment even with all of the archivists
roving the streets somewhere. What I found was disturbing, to say the least. There was no record
anywhere of Mordecai’s birth. What’s more, he doesn’t appear on census records until two years ago.
I’ve prepared a special potion that should reveal his deception, but I fear this illness will take me before
I get a chance to use it. To whoever finds this journal: Search under the floorboards behind the counter
of my shop. Stop the usurper before he destroys the vault."

We board up the house, set a watch, and rest.

Session 2 -The Hunters
-From the Perspective of Meklan Brightwater

The frogs put up little resistance, and were easily dispatched.

Deciding the swamp may not be the fastest route, we take to the road. We pass through old country farms, most of which fallen due to desolation. Clearly a bad year for the harvest; crops have wilted and the fields are dust. Soon enough, we hear what seems to be arguing in the corn fields, and the more crazed Dwarf starts off toward the commotion. I follow him to question his intentions as we need to beat a messenger to the northern ports. As we walk through the fields, the sickly looking human sneezes… a great sneeze.

A clearing opens before us. It sounds to be a family pleading to an authority figure for food. It sounds of punishment. The sneeze did little to keep us hidden, and the guard threatens “Turn away, this is none of your business.” That goddamn dwarf sharpens his axe on his metallic ass. The guard yells “TO ARMS!”

The crazed exiled dwarf lights himself on fire… again.

The sickly human made a loud sound.. kind of like a roar? Wait what?

I tried to focus on the situation, but I’m not able to keep my mind on track. Luckily the rest of the group finishes off the guards, and my mishaps go unnoticed. The farmers had taken refuge in their home, but now ease their way back into the open. They greet us with a glass orb heirloom in thanks for ridding them of their problem. Carter also grabs the officers garb. The farmers impress on us how vehemently against Lord Milo they are, not at all being shy about it. He gives his thanks for ending the local sheriff.

We head north along the road towards the port with the farmers’ cart with bodies in tow. We come upon a forest, and take care of the evidence. There is a tree broken ahead of us, and we see a Milopian horse bloodied on the ground. The horse’s leg is clearly broken, and there is an obvious mercy wound in the beasts neck. Checking the saddle bags, we find nothing of interest. We decide that this is the Milopian messengers’ horse. The rider cannot be far ahead!

Soon enough the sailor man comes upon him, and dressed in the sheriff garb boasts a believing show and sends the rider home. With the message in our hands, we burn the note. Carter leave the sheriffs’ dress behind, and we continue our walk into the northern port. Hours later, we finally encounter our destination unharmed.

We enter a small fishing village and come upon “Wenches A’Plenty”. Carter manages to find Bart at the bar. He mentions his “Chum Guzzler” is available for travel to Niffalum, but only after he sleeps off his current state.

We travel for days on end. After what may be three weeks, we dock in the small village of Haversham on the island of Neffalum. Burt wants nothing but to get us off his boat. Before heading off, I try to investigate Sebastian further. Burt mentions he lives in the mountains, and says “Good luck with that.” After thinking about the island for a moment, I remember this island has no central government. It is mainly a mountainous region, with a few villages that could be of note.

We all meet up back at the local town watering hole. Carter learns Sebastian is really into pirates, and is crazily obsessed with them. He passingly mentions “the hunters”, which are a group mage hunters. "They are a group of crazys’ seeing as how they hunt something that doesn’t exist. We should notice them if we see them though, they wear dusters, " he says.

We heard North out of the town, towards the mountain pass. As we climb the mountain, we encounter a dwarf wearing a duster. He accuses us of smelling like a magic user. He fires a point blank bolt into my head! Reeling from that, he also throws a vial at me that gives me a massive headache.

I’m not sure what happens afterwards, but when the headache finally subsides the group is looting the dying mans belongings. He has not passed yet, but obviously will not survive the night. He is kicked down the mountainside hopefully to his death. We carry on down the path, and finally arrive at a mountainside house. It must be Sebastian’s, as no one but a dwarf would be crazy enough to live here.

As we enter the house, we notice the place is ransacked. Sebastians’ body is in a heap on the floor, with a closed eye carved into the floor beneath him. His blood is filling the carving. There is another hunter standing over his body, this one a female. She levels her crossbow at the sickly humans head, and warns us to back off. A sudden flash, and she’s gone.

Carter points out an empty safe under Sebastians’ desk. After pondering the carving, I realized the closed eye is commonly used by the Weeping Hollow. This cult is known to worship insectoids that are native to the islands. Ricfire recognizes the scene, and mentions the insectoids usually gauge out the eyes as it allows easier access to the brain. Tasty morsels for the bugs.

Outside, we explore further down the road, happening upon a nice cave to settle down for the night. However, this cave is not any sort of natural cave. There are some copper pipes that glint off of our campfire. The pyro-dwarf examines the pipes, manages to cause a cave in. The floor disappears, and a landslide ensues. As the dust settles, we are surrounded by dilapidated vats. And tubes. And machinery. Pyro-dwarf realizes with amazement that this is an old Dwarven distillery.

Session 1: The Execution
From the perspective of Meklan Brightwater

After arriving in Milopia, I disembarked the ferry and asked a nearby guard if he has seen any members of the archeological team come by. After a gruff retort, I continued up the one road leading North out of the harbor. Entering what appears to be the center of town, there is a gathering of people around a shoddily built gallows.

Quizzically, a series of boxes fall into my path. As I look up, a dwarf warns “I wouldn’t go any further friend.”

Shortly thereafter a man is escorted towards the gallows, coming out of a barracks on the north side of the plaza. I look to the man beside me, and ask what is going on. “There’s a hanging today,” he says “Faerun-something-or-other”. Instantly recognizing the name, I reply “I need that man alive”. He replies “Just relax and watch the show, he should live through this.”

As the executioner wraps the rope around the shackled man’s neck, explosions rock the town center. The gallows is blown to pieces. Bodies fly through the air. The executioner stands and shakes off the daze, but then a man in sailor garb separates from the crowd, grabs Faerun and pulls him away from the rubble. Suddenly the marble statue explodes as well. It falls sideways, crushing a guard or two underneath. A second man clad in chainmail goes over to Faerun and assists with the rescue. A short and stout runs up to the executioner, takes a swig from a bottle, spits all over him, and takes a swing with
his axe! Striking his executioners armor, sparks fly and ignite him!

The crowd goes wild as they watch the guard explode in flames. DOWN WITH MILO! is chanted throughout the crowd. Taking in the situation, I look at a group of guards and will the shadows the hold them back. Without missing a beat, I also look at the executioner and send him stumbling backwards away from the commotion.

Why are all of these people helping Faerun?
Who is this pyro-nut?

The chaos continues, eventually some of the guards fall. The crowd has turned into a riot, and the executioner was killed by the dwarf that also lit himself on fire…. I rouse Faerun with the scent of smelling salts, and help him escape with the sailor leading the way.

As the chaos winds down, a group of men escape with Faerun down an alleyway, myself included. As we navigate our way through the alley, we head to a supposed safe house. At least that is what I was told. Each person in the group seemed to have their own skillful specialization, and we manage to bob and weave through the crowds unnoticed.

We arrive at the safe house, apparently denoted by a burning torch in the doorway. After an exchange of secret knocks, we are granted access and then told to head to the basement for safe travels.A rank smell rises, and I realize the ‘safe travel route’ is actually the city’s sewer system.

After everything that has happened in the past few minutes, I ask “WHAT IN THE NINE HELLS IS GOING ON?”

The human sailor man introduces himself as Carter.
Rooftop Archer – Scipio
Pyro – Ricfire Battlebeard

Through a series of questions exchanged between Faerun and myself, I learn some information regarding the ancient artifact that attached itself to my wrist. He is terrified of being around me. He mentions the Subrosian, which people claim is a wizard; a dangerous person. Not much else is known however. He also speaks of the Steps of Kal’esh, and how this bracer may be a key to it. Faerun has a friend we could get into contact with as well that is also investigating the ancients, Sebastian. Interested in the ancient pirates during the period of the upheaval, particularly a Dread Pirate Isabel.

I must investigate these pyramids further before venturing there. The Steps of Kal’esh lie due south, on the island of Qesh. Two weeks south with a good tailwind according to Faerun.

What is the ‘period of upheaval’?

This Dread Pirate may hold further answers regarding the ancients.

The man in charge of the safehouse says we can follow the sewers north, to another of the islands ports. We should be safer there as the presence of the guards will be less. That is, of course, if we can beat the messenger there. There is talk about a contact, Burt, in the port that is a friend. He will be able to get us off the island via a ship that is heading to the island of Nephilum.

The housekeeper says there is a friend, Burt in the port to the north that can get us to Nephilum. There is no other option. Faerun says he has a friend who is looking for a mercenary party. Investigating ancient pirates that were present in the period of the upheaval. His friend Sebastian was researching “Dread Pirate Isabella”, one of the initial wizards being discovered in the pre-magic period. She used her magic to terrorize the seas aboard her vessel ‘The Paradox’. Sebastian wants to start an expedition regarding this pirate.

We leave Faerun behind after the others in the group get paid off for some reason. The rats start off scarce, but they gain in numbers as we continue on. After a bit, we notice we are surrounded by yellow eyes. In front of us is a pair of two large yellow eyes. A chattering descends upon us. I cannot see anything but thousands of eyes bearing down.

After dispersing the rats, the group breaks through the grate at the end of the tunnel. The low din of frogs surrounds us. Deciding to trek through the swamp instead of taking the road, we cross paths with some overly large frogs. Perhaps man-eating sized frogs. We catch sight of them, and they catch sight of us…

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