Islands of Yhb

Session 6 - The Raid

Taken from the Log of Carter Flynn

• We left the cultist’s lair in the dark of night and made our way back to town, only to find that the town was on fire!
• We made our way through the chaos and came across a dwarf being accosted by a Mylopian officer.
o The officer was looking for “the Exile”. Seems like Ricfire’s making a bit of a reputation for himself. Ric wasn’t shy and jumped right in to assist his kinsman.
o After dealing with the officer, we learned that the dwarf’s name is Scrillecks, who tried to lead a rebellion against Mordekai in the Vault, but lacking support, fled to the surface.
• The Mylopains are behind the attack on the town. Townsfolk are rallying at Wenches a-Plenty to make a stand against the invaders. If the whole town is fighting and protecting their homes…they’re not at the docks, watching their boats…
• Chewy, Scipio and I head off to the docks to commandeer ourselves a vessel
o 3 Mylopain ships are tied off; a frigate and 2 cutters. Light guard on the frigate – can’t tell about the cutters. They’ll likely be the easiest. Frigate needs too many to crew anyway
o The plan is simple; we don our 2 Officer uniforms and walk onto a cutter like we own it, take out any guards, then work on the frigate.
o Execution is easier…the cutters are completely unguarded. Now to get to work.
o We’re in luck! Found some grenades in the stores. These will do nicely to blow the rudder off the frigate. Time to take a swim.
o Got the booby trap set with ease – they must have left all the rookies to watch the ship
o Rookies or not, we got spotted while making ready. Left Chewy puttering on deck to draw their attention. Fools came over 1 by 1…with Scipio on the yardarm & me in the shadows, they didn’t stand a chance.
o With all of the guards down,, the docks are ours and we can move freely. Good thing too…we need to fill the hold with supplies. Don’t know where we’re off to next.
From Meklan’s Parchments:
As the our dagger friend, the archer, and Scales head to the docks to investigate the Mylopian presence, the rest of us devised a plan to investigate tavern. The place had been secured from the outside, but our new found dwarf ‘friend’ informed us that a secret entrance to the basement existed. A better plan than walking in the front door with our limited capabilities for sure.
A hop skip and broken door later, we find the passageway and make our way through uneventfully. That is, until we entered the tavern’s basement. Townsfolk were huddled in groups and scared, but alive and well otherwise.
Taking to the main floor, we assess the situation. A well stocked bar sits at one end, tables and chairs in the fill the void in the middle of the room, and windows line the walls. We take a quick look around but are immediately surprised when something comes flying through the windows and explodes. I managed to shield my face in time, but the others are reeling. Some kind of bomb must have gone off. Seconds later five men come storming through the windows as well. Well equipped too it seems, as they start throwing handheld explosives at us. The Pyro and I take advantage of the bar, and we work together to do what we can with the flammable liquids. I could not have imagined us working together previously, but things went fairly well. Interesting.
A drawn out battle later, and our foes have fallen. Missing the rest of our party certainly put a dent in our abilities, but we came out on top in the end. The group heads back to the docs, but I make a quick detour back down to the basement to check on everyone again. The Wenches have started to recover, and even give me a nice looking hat. Time to head to the harbor.

• The others approach the docks. Looks like the town succeeded and defended their home.
o Ricfire is a liability. As soon as he hit the dock, he ran straight for the wheel on the frigate and started yanking it back and forth like a child. At least he set off the grenades and not some kid.
• The traders that usually come to this port haven’t shown up recently – so medical supplies are low and the town needs some help tending to their wounded. Since there’s no imminent threat from the Mylopians, we’re postponing our departure.
o Those with some first aid know-how are setting up to help out.
o The rest of us will continue loading this boat and getting ready to sail on the next tide.
• The town is grateful for our assistance. I think we’ll always have a safe haven in Haversham
• Need to plan our next destination. I’m sure the Mylopians didn’t expect failure. I expect this small fleet of raiders won’t be missed for 2 weeks. Which means that another fleet won’t get here for almost a month.
• This cutter is a short distance craft…the trip to Mylopia is about as far as the stores will take it, and I have no intention of heading South. Need to find a bigger boat. Cadmium’s Isle is close…



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