Islands of Yhb

Session 5 - The Bishop

Excerpt From Carter Flynn's Log

• Damned fool of an old man got himself nicked. Gotta give him credit though – he almost made it all the way out. Either way; nicked is nicked…had to save his ass.

• These cultists aren’t to be taken lightly when they know you’re coming – they use their nets and bolos with skill. I likely would have bit it more than once if Chewy wasn’t there to rub spit & dirt in my wounds.
• The cultists’ will seemed to break after Rickfire tried to brand one of them. Their resolve crumbled even further when Scipio worked that greatbow of his and put an arrow clean through one of them and somehow feathered another one on the opposite side of the room. When he buys me a new boat, I could use his talents in the crow’s nest.
• Found Meklan behind a poorly locked door and under light guard. Looks like they put the old man through the ringer. He doesn’t seem to know up from down right now…could be that they drugged him or he’s just delirious from the beatings. Looks like they stuck him with some giant needle…
• Found a door carved with the cultists’ symbol. Opened into a big cavern. Catwalks around the side – bridge to some kind of altar across the way.
• Some self-righteous old man was blathering on about something or another. Called himself Scaramas, the “Keeper of the Temple”. More like a hole in the dirt than a temple.
• I’ve seen some strange things in my day, but what I just saw is beyond rational explanation. I need to write it down while it’s fresh – before I doubt my own memory. I should start with Scaramas himself:
o Old, robed and blinfolded. I don’t know if he carved them out himself, or if he let the “insectoids” that he worships eat them out of his head, but he had no eyes. Just empty sockets.
o Beneath the robe, his body was…twisted…and, just…wrong.
o He was ranting as zealots tend to do. The altar started to rise and exposed a black stone, the likes of which I’ve never seen. It was black as pitch, but shifted…like smoke in a bottle. It also seemed to give off a greenish glow.
o The preaching was getting crazier…not your average, run-of-the-mill crazy talk, I mean this guy was well and truly tapped. He produced a vial of what looked like blood – I’m guessing it was Meklan’s, cuz the old man grabbed at the hole in his arm when he saw it.
o Scaramas shattered the blood on the weird rock – and it moved. it didn’t look like it was moving…not a trick of the light. It actually moved…tentacles of blackness reached out and enveloped the preacher.
o At this point, our crew sprung into action. I sprinted down the catwalk towards the thing, and it was out of sight for only a moment. The next I saw, it was beneath a cloud that was raining molten metal! Having no time to question what I was seeing, I continued to fight – as did my companions.
o Somebody landed what I thought was a mortal strike to the priest-thing…but instead of falling dead, a giant bug hatched from within it’s flesh. The bug fled to the shadows and pressed the attack from the cover of darkness.
o Our crew held fast, carried on the fight and defeated the thing.
• Any who read this will surely think that I’m mad, but the above record is a true recounting of events.
o Maybe the bug – thing was the “insectoid” species that the cultists worship. Perhaps they lay their eggs within those that are crazy enough to allow it. But what was the stone? How did it grow tentacles? Why did Meklan’s blood seem to set it off? Maybe the stone was an insect “egg” and it needed human blood to hatch…if that’s the case, why wouldn’t the cultists use their own?
o Even if it was all natural, however strange, what was the could of metal rain?
• After the tale above, it seems a trivial matter, but we managed to find Sebastian’s belongings in a locked chamber off of the altar room. It seems that the cultists were beind his death after all. They took his journals and charts…why? What was he on to? Why did his pursuit of ancient pirate treasure or lore lead to his death at the hands of these bug worshipers?
• Rickfire carved up the beast and hopes to find an armorsmith who can fashion the carapice into something usable. Not a bad idea – the thing was hard to see when it wanted to hide. I was busy recovering Sebastions effects, but I think Rickfire ate some of the bug’s meat as he was carving it up. I hope he was jesting.
• Meklan grabbed a leftover chunk of that black “rock”. Call me paraniod, but if it IS some kind of “egg” and his blood somehow triggers it, maybe carrying it around isn’t such a good idea…



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