Islands of Yhb

Session 4 - The Pretender

Excerpt From Carter Flynn's Log

• LePaul on watch. Spotted a patrol coming our way. Better to sneak out than risk getting noticed.
• Found Apothecary. Dwarf is dead – corpse is covered in glowing blisters. Unfortunately, the body is covering a trap door. Rickfire moved the body and filled some vials with the glowing blister puss…sick bastard. The old man found the “Revealing Potion” mentioned in the journal scraps
• Found the main entrance to the Archives. 2 dead guards. Couldn’t pick the lock, too sturdy. Rickfire found a side way in. Somebody set off a trap – spikes up from the floor. Found the trigger and took care of it.
• What is this, a maze? Dead end hallways, vertical shafts, traps… Probably an escape route.
• The archer is a damn good shot. Hit a little latch to lower a ladder – after the old man thought he could wave his hands and make the lader come down. Crazy old goat.
• Must be an escape route…more hidden doors. Almost lost Rickfire and Scipio to an arrow trap. Can’t wait to get out of here.
• Finally made it inside. Meklan is all wet in the pants looking for “Golden Age” and pirate stories. He did dug up some useful information though:
o About these dwarves:
 Used to live on the surface
 Elves forced them underground
 Lived as nomads for years
 Settled here
 Sealed the vault about 3000 years ago
 Used to incinerate artifacts is the volcano. What a waste.
o Mordkai is a ghost. Nobody’d heard of him til a year ago. Showed up, got power, became King’s advisor. Guy had a plan. Sounds like a coup in the making.
• Found blueprints to this place. Looks like there’s a way out if we head towards the Temple. Prabably loot to be had if we go towards the Palace. If this is a coup, might be that nobody would notice something missing form the coffers…and I do need a new ship. Nah, too many gaurds at the palace and I just want to get out of here. This stale air is getting to me.
• Tussled with more of the rabid dwarves. These ones were being driven like a pack of dogs. Took ‘em out easily enough.
• Made it to the temple. Couldn’t see the altar…somehow it was completely black. How is that?
o A dwarf in a robe had the King & Queen on chains…must be Mordekai. Got surrounded by archers…wasn’t looking good until Meklan doused the guy with the Revealing Potion. Turns out he’s human! Everybody was confused. Took advantage of the situation and managed to turn the archers on Mordekai. Chaos is a wonderful ally!
o Rickfire pulled out one of the vials of green-goo and held it in the air. Scipio shot it out of his hand and splashed it all over Mordekai. Glad I didn’t touch the alchemist’s body. Scipio is a hell of a shot!
• Mordekai ran. Must not have liked corpse puss in his face! We beat him to the throne room using the secret tunnels. Glad we found those blueprints!
• Got the drop on Mordekai. Took care of that problem. Guy looks just like Meklan…spitting image. Kinda creepy.
• Mordekai has a tatto: “IV”. No idea what that means. Also had a candle shaped like a hand in a shackle, engraved with “Shedartha the Shifty”
• Guards showed us the door. Probably would have killed us if we hadn’t just put down Mordkai for them. They left us in another dead end chamber. Better not be any more traps. At least we’re close to the surface…the air isn’t quite as stale here.
• Found another hidden door. I should commission a dwarf to make my next ship. These guys are skilled at making concealed compartments. I wonder if they work wood as wellas they do stone…
• Hallway ended in brick. Definitely not Dwarven…terrible craftsmanship. Could see right through the wall between the bricks. Good thing, too – could see banners with that same “eye” insignia that we found carved in the floor under Sebastian’s body…the symbol of the cult that Meklan told us about. “Weeping Hollow”, I think it was. Brain-eating bug worshipers. Rickfire’s got a plan.
• I can’t believe that worked! The crazy bastard set himself on fire, then crashed through the wall screaming “DRAGON!!!!!” and ran for the door. With on his heels, selling the farce, the cultists bought it and ran out with us! That was the funniest thing since Chewy got tossed in brig after…I shouldn’t put that it writing. But it was funny.
• Got out of the cultists’ cave and snuck off in the confusion. Recouping in the same cave that Rickfire caved in on us to begin with. I hate caves. Meklan is on his way to sneak back into the cultists’ stronghold to try to…damn…



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