Islands of Yhb

Session 2 -The Hunters

-From the Perspective of Meklan Brightwater

The frogs put up little resistance, and were easily dispatched.

Deciding the swamp may not be the fastest route, we take to the road. We pass through old country farms, most of which fallen due to desolation. Clearly a bad year for the harvest; crops have wilted and the fields are dust. Soon enough, we hear what seems to be arguing in the corn fields, and the more crazed Dwarf starts off toward the commotion. I follow him to question his intentions as we need to beat a messenger to the northern ports. As we walk through the fields, the sickly looking human sneezes… a great sneeze.

A clearing opens before us. It sounds to be a family pleading to an authority figure for food. It sounds of punishment. The sneeze did little to keep us hidden, and the guard threatens “Turn away, this is none of your business.” That goddamn dwarf sharpens his axe on his metallic ass. The guard yells “TO ARMS!”

The crazed exiled dwarf lights himself on fire… again.

The sickly human made a loud sound.. kind of like a roar? Wait what?

I tried to focus on the situation, but I’m not able to keep my mind on track. Luckily the rest of the group finishes off the guards, and my mishaps go unnoticed. The farmers had taken refuge in their home, but now ease their way back into the open. They greet us with a glass orb heirloom in thanks for ridding them of their problem. Carter also grabs the officers garb. The farmers impress on us how vehemently against Lord Milo they are, not at all being shy about it. He gives his thanks for ending the local sheriff.

We head north along the road towards the port with the farmers’ cart with bodies in tow. We come upon a forest, and take care of the evidence. There is a tree broken ahead of us, and we see a Milopian horse bloodied on the ground. The horse’s leg is clearly broken, and there is an obvious mercy wound in the beasts neck. Checking the saddle bags, we find nothing of interest. We decide that this is the Milopian messengers’ horse. The rider cannot be far ahead!

Soon enough the sailor man comes upon him, and dressed in the sheriff garb boasts a believing show and sends the rider home. With the message in our hands, we burn the note. Carter leave the sheriffs’ dress behind, and we continue our walk into the northern port. Hours later, we finally encounter our destination unharmed.

We enter a small fishing village and come upon “Wenches A’Plenty”. Carter manages to find Bart at the bar. He mentions his “Chum Guzzler” is available for travel to Niffalum, but only after he sleeps off his current state.

We travel for days on end. After what may be three weeks, we dock in the small village of Haversham on the island of Neffalum. Burt wants nothing but to get us off his boat. Before heading off, I try to investigate Sebastian further. Burt mentions he lives in the mountains, and says “Good luck with that.” After thinking about the island for a moment, I remember this island has no central government. It is mainly a mountainous region, with a few villages that could be of note.

We all meet up back at the local town watering hole. Carter learns Sebastian is really into pirates, and is crazily obsessed with them. He passingly mentions “the hunters”, which are a group mage hunters. "They are a group of crazys’ seeing as how they hunt something that doesn’t exist. We should notice them if we see them though, they wear dusters, " he says.

We heard North out of the town, towards the mountain pass. As we climb the mountain, we encounter a dwarf wearing a duster. He accuses us of smelling like a magic user. He fires a point blank bolt into my head! Reeling from that, he also throws a vial at me that gives me a massive headache.

I’m not sure what happens afterwards, but when the headache finally subsides the group is looting the dying mans belongings. He has not passed yet, but obviously will not survive the night. He is kicked down the mountainside hopefully to his death. We carry on down the path, and finally arrive at a mountainside house. It must be Sebastian’s, as no one but a dwarf would be crazy enough to live here.

As we enter the house, we notice the place is ransacked. Sebastians’ body is in a heap on the floor, with a closed eye carved into the floor beneath him. His blood is filling the carving. There is another hunter standing over his body, this one a female. She levels her crossbow at the sickly humans head, and warns us to back off. A sudden flash, and she’s gone.

Carter points out an empty safe under Sebastians’ desk. After pondering the carving, I realized the closed eye is commonly used by the Weeping Hollow. This cult is known to worship insectoids that are native to the islands. Ricfire recognizes the scene, and mentions the insectoids usually gauge out the eyes as it allows easier access to the brain. Tasty morsels for the bugs.

Outside, we explore further down the road, happening upon a nice cave to settle down for the night. However, this cave is not any sort of natural cave. There are some copper pipes that glint off of our campfire. The pyro-dwarf examines the pipes, manages to cause a cave in. The floor disappears, and a landslide ensues. As the dust settles, we are surrounded by dilapidated vats. And tubes. And machinery. Pyro-dwarf realizes with amazement that this is an old Dwarven distillery.



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