Islands of Yhb

Session 1: The Execution

From the perspective of Meklan Brightwater

After arriving in Milopia, I disembarked the ferry and asked a nearby guard if he has seen any members of the archeological team come by. After a gruff retort, I continued up the one road leading North out of the harbor. Entering what appears to be the center of town, there is a gathering of people around a shoddily built gallows.

Quizzically, a series of boxes fall into my path. As I look up, a dwarf warns “I wouldn’t go any further friend.”

Shortly thereafter a man is escorted towards the gallows, coming out of a barracks on the north side of the plaza. I look to the man beside me, and ask what is going on. “There’s a hanging today,” he says “Faerun-something-or-other”. Instantly recognizing the name, I reply “I need that man alive”. He replies “Just relax and watch the show, he should live through this.”

As the executioner wraps the rope around the shackled man’s neck, explosions rock the town center. The gallows is blown to pieces. Bodies fly through the air. The executioner stands and shakes off the daze, but then a man in sailor garb separates from the crowd, grabs Faerun and pulls him away from the rubble. Suddenly the marble statue explodes as well. It falls sideways, crushing a guard or two underneath. A second man clad in chainmail goes over to Faerun and assists with the rescue. A short and stout runs up to the executioner, takes a swig from a bottle, spits all over him, and takes a swing with
his axe! Striking his executioners armor, sparks fly and ignite him!

The crowd goes wild as they watch the guard explode in flames. DOWN WITH MILO! is chanted throughout the crowd. Taking in the situation, I look at a group of guards and will the shadows the hold them back. Without missing a beat, I also look at the executioner and send him stumbling backwards away from the commotion.

Why are all of these people helping Faerun?
Who is this pyro-nut?

The chaos continues, eventually some of the guards fall. The crowd has turned into a riot, and the executioner was killed by the dwarf that also lit himself on fire…. I rouse Faerun with the scent of smelling salts, and help him escape with the sailor leading the way.

As the chaos winds down, a group of men escape with Faerun down an alleyway, myself included. As we navigate our way through the alley, we head to a supposed safe house. At least that is what I was told. Each person in the group seemed to have their own skillful specialization, and we manage to bob and weave through the crowds unnoticed.

We arrive at the safe house, apparently denoted by a burning torch in the doorway. After an exchange of secret knocks, we are granted access and then told to head to the basement for safe travels.A rank smell rises, and I realize the ‘safe travel route’ is actually the city’s sewer system.

After everything that has happened in the past few minutes, I ask “WHAT IN THE NINE HELLS IS GOING ON?”

The human sailor man introduces himself as Carter.
Rooftop Archer – Scipio
Pyro – Ricfire Battlebeard

Through a series of questions exchanged between Faerun and myself, I learn some information regarding the ancient artifact that attached itself to my wrist. He is terrified of being around me. He mentions the Subrosian, which people claim is a wizard; a dangerous person. Not much else is known however. He also speaks of the Steps of Kal’esh, and how this bracer may be a key to it. Faerun has a friend we could get into contact with as well that is also investigating the ancients, Sebastian. Interested in the ancient pirates during the period of the upheaval, particularly a Dread Pirate Isabel.

I must investigate these pyramids further before venturing there. The Steps of Kal’esh lie due south, on the island of Qesh. Two weeks south with a good tailwind according to Faerun.

What is the ‘period of upheaval’?

This Dread Pirate may hold further answers regarding the ancients.

The man in charge of the safehouse says we can follow the sewers north, to another of the islands ports. We should be safer there as the presence of the guards will be less. That is, of course, if we can beat the messenger there. There is talk about a contact, Burt, in the port that is a friend. He will be able to get us off the island via a ship that is heading to the island of Nephilum.

The housekeeper says there is a friend, Burt in the port to the north that can get us to Nephilum. There is no other option. Faerun says he has a friend who is looking for a mercenary party. Investigating ancient pirates that were present in the period of the upheaval. His friend Sebastian was researching “Dread Pirate Isabella”, one of the initial wizards being discovered in the pre-magic period. She used her magic to terrorize the seas aboard her vessel ‘The Paradox’. Sebastian wants to start an expedition regarding this pirate.

We leave Faerun behind after the others in the group get paid off for some reason. The rats start off scarce, but they gain in numbers as we continue on. After a bit, we notice we are surrounded by yellow eyes. In front of us is a pair of two large yellow eyes. A chattering descends upon us. I cannot see anything but thousands of eyes bearing down.

After dispersing the rats, the group breaks through the grate at the end of the tunnel. The low din of frogs surrounds us. Deciding to trek through the swamp instead of taking the road, we cross paths with some overly large frogs. Perhaps man-eating sized frogs. We catch sight of them, and they catch sight of us…


Thanks Adam for the writeup.

Session 1: The Execution

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